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We specialize in facilitating how corporations reach out to clients through utilizing our simplified technology. We research, develop and sell new technology medium that makes connecting to target groups easier. Science fiction is made plain and real.@ EZ Media, technology is made Easy

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Experts' IT Malaysia

Experts' IT M. is a Broad-line stocking Independent worldwide Distributor of Electronic & PC components. We are experienced in maintaining continuous supply to OEM, ODM & Project Developers in order to improve productivity, flexibility, quality and delivery.

This division was established to cater for the niche market of application specific Electronics IC.

Our products range from Mobile phone and smart devices IC and spare parts, Smart Card IC & Chips, RFID chips, Blue Tooth IC, WiFi IC & Modules, NAND Flash, Memory Chips, to Game Console Modchips. We supply hardware and software solutions to cover our products, ranging from PCBs, Display/LCDs, and External Covers to Test Equipment & Software. Other products range from Aftermarket repair parts, spare parts, Data cables, Tools, Accessories and computer parts & software.


 Our Products